Friday, March 19, 2010


We have been die-hard Puccini's and Some Guy's pizza fans for MANY, MANY years.

But one day we got a coupon page for WB Pizza, and honestly, the photo on the cover made me load Steph and the kids into the car and visit.

Discreetly planted on the southeast corner of 62nd & Allisonville, WB occupies an old Little Caesar's Pizza shop. The northeast corner houses pizza titan, Some Guy's. It was a little scary to drive PAST Some Guy's to get to this little "nothing" spot.

There is nothing appealing about the strip that houses WB. There is very little appeal to the small, simple dining room. While it is not well appointed, it is, at least, a warm and inviting space.

But the magic begins beyond the environs and in the kitchen. And on our first visit we scored BIG, by taking a wild guess and nailing the most incredible pizza i've ever eaten. EVER EATEN.

It's called "The Metro" (hold your comments).

Chicken, Portabello, Red Peppers & Shrimp (but i'm allergic, so we sub Artichokes for Shrimp), on white sauce. All ingredients culminate into an incredible blend of flavors on the most delicious, chewy, flavorful pizza crust I've ever eaten. H E A V E N .

Steph and the kids are diehard fans of the WB breadsticks.

We've also enjoyed just a simple sausage pizza. But there was nothing simple about it. Again, delightfully chewy crust, a homemade rustic red sauce, and amazing, spicy italian sausage.

WB Pizza is one of the city's best kept secrets. They've been firmly planted at 62nd & Allisonville for more than 10 years. So next time you pull into Some Guys, you might want to continue on to the next strip center south, and give WB a try. You may never go back.

WB Pizza
6165 Allisonville Road
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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